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Six Facts about Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Reducing process costs, increasing speed and improving accuracy are the major benefits of RPA, but what else is there to know? Here are six key facts about process automation with a virtual workforce.

1. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a term used to explain how software can ‘model’ a company’s processes.

2. The ‘robot’ performs tasks exactly as a user does without needing to make any changes to the underlying systems. It’s as if the robot is sitting at the desk!

3. RPA software models the flow of work, training the robot to work with the various systems and to apply the required rules.

4. The robot has logins to existing systems and follows the same flow as a human. It even sends and receives emails.

5. RPA has both a strategic benefit as a sourcing option, and an obvious saving in processing cost. But the benefits have a much wider scope than cost alone.

6. RPA can be deployed as a smaller scope / tactical solution where it is hard to change the underlying systems. Larger scale RPA requires clear governance and an RPA operating model is beneficial.

Voyager have an end to end deployment approach based on our 17 years of implementation experience, and can help you develop your RPA strategy.

To find out more information download our RPA factsheet.

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