Celebrating 25 years of Leading Business Change for complex global organisations by embracing innovative technologies and empowering passionate people.

With 25 years experience of transforming back office operations, we’ve honed our no-nonsense approach to deliver valuable results across blue-chip, global organisations.

You’ll always experience successful outcomes because we use the best people and the best tools - from robotic process automation (RPA) – to many other proven solutions.

Back office transformation

We simplify the complexities of back office transformation – so no confusing messages or needlessly expensive propositions.

What you will experience, is a more sustainable, controllable, and effective option to outsourcing or using a big consultancy.

Our back office transformation solutions enable you to experience optimal operational and resource efficiency – to achieve lower costs.


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March 2024

Voyager Solutions Partners with CTWO to help enterprises around the world solve their RPA scaling challenges – and drive true Intelligent Automation

29th February, London – Voyager Solutions, Leading Back Office Transformation company, today announced that it has partnered with CTWO the leading provider of solutions to help Intelligent Automation customers achieve a stable, responsive, and efficient digital workforce. C TWO’s award-winning solution has helped CoEs worldwide successfully scale their digital workforce. Voyager Solutions are using a […]

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May 2023

Voyager Solutions partners with X0PA AI to provide AI technology driven end to end hiring from sourcing, screening, interviewing and offer

X0PA offers Voyager Solutions enterprise customers the ability to significantly automate processes and maximise objectivity in hiring so that organizations can make efficient accurate hiring decisions with a unique candidates experience 25th May,  Singapore – X0PA AI a global leader in Enterprise AI Recruitment platform have announced a partnership with Voyager Solutions, a leading back […]

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