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Voyager Solutions Partners with CTWO to help enterprises around the world solve their RPA scaling challenges – and drive true Intelligent Automation

29th February, London – Voyager Solutions, Leading Back Office Transformation company, today announced that it has partnered with CTWO the leading provider of solutions to help Intelligent Automation customers achieve a stable, responsive, and efficient digital workforce. C TWO’s award-winning solution has helped CoEs worldwide successfully scale their digital workforce.

Voyager Solutions are using a 25-year heritage of Global Centre of Excellence design and an 8 year Intelligent Automation track record to focus on enhancing customer Automation capability, scaling the use of Automation to an enterprise level, and enabling customers to maximise the use of robotics across the entire organization.

To gain further market advantage from automation in today’s highly competitive landscape, organizations are increasingly seeking solutions to help them further automate operational processes, increase agility, and deliver greater value to customers using Intelligent Automation.

This partnership, which began in September 2023, will provide Voyager Solutions customers with additional Intelligent Automation capabilities, including AI-powered Orchestration; Automated Operations; Powerful Insight & Analytics and an Integration Hub.

C TWO’s AI-powered Orchestrator eliminates manual scheduling for good. Clients can set SLA requirements for each process, and the powerful prioritization engine will take care of the rest, optimizing for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Too many automation processes rely on manual oversight and can only run during working hours. With C TWO, processes can run all day, all night—whenever you want—without the need for people to monitor or manage because their platform self-heals over 90% of L1 & L2 support issues. If there’s an exception that needs the personal touch, C TWO sends a notification in real-time and automatically reallocates resources so they don’t sit idle.

By partnering with CTWO, Voyager Solutions will enable customers to address many of the operational issues that plague automation COEs, and enable a frustration-free start for less mature RPA users—setting them up for a successful Intelligent Automation journey from the start.

Paul Taplin, Director, Voyager Solutions, said, “We are delighted to partner with an RPA market leader to drive solutions that will greatly benefit our customer base. For many years we have focused on RPA enterprise capability development with a passion to move clients through the entire RPA journey from the early stages through to enterprise and global scale models.

Many of our clients are ready to take the next step with automation but this partnership also provides an opportunity for customers who are new to Intelligent Automation to start the journey.”

Mike Laurenson, VP – Global Alliances and Channels, CTWO said, “We’re excited to be partnering with Voyager Solutions. Their passion and proven history of driving successful Intelligent Automation  enterprise level programs perfectly match our ambitions at C TWO—to simplify automation management so teams can focus on more value driving work. Our partnership will ensure that customers have further opportunities to scale the power of automation, dramatically improving business productivity and maximising the return on automation investments.”


About Voyager Solutions

Voyager Solutions were established in 1998 to provide organisational alignment and implementation services to technology, outsourcing and back office operating model projects. We have supported programmes ranging from single site to 100+ country roll-outs. We provide an end to end RPA service from development of the enterprise level operating model through to delivery and support of the changes required. In addition we specialise in the development of client RPA competency centres to provide a sustainable, long term RPA solution.

For more information about Voyager Solutions, please visit www.voyagersolutions.com


About CTWO

With C TWO there’s no more manual scheduling, monitoring is automated, costs are controlled, and users have a single view across the entire RPA program—reducing TCO and driving greater value from automation. C TWO is recognized by Gartner and HFS as the leading IA orchestration solution and is trusted by hundreds of businesses to simplify operational management so you can scale faster.



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