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Voyager Solutions partners with X0PA AI to provide AI technology driven end to end hiring from sourcing, screening, interviewing and offer

X0PA offers Voyager Solutions enterprise customers the ability to significantly automate processes and maximise objectivity in hiring so that organizations can make efficient accurate hiring decisions with a unique candidates experience

25th May,  Singapore – X0PA AI a global leader in Enterprise AI Recruitment platform have announced a partnership with Voyager Solutions, a leading back office transformation company, to help organizations streamline recruitment processes, and use the power of AI and Robotic Process Automation to deliver real, practical benefits to the organization and significantly improve candidate experience.

This new partnership will also provide X0PA customers with access to Voyager Accelerators™, a complete and scalable approach to driving the required organizational change including all aspects of stakeholder management; engagement; organizational re-alignment and training to ensure fast adoption of the X0PA technologies.

The partnership will leverage X0PA’s core products – AI Recruiter, an objective hiring platform enabled through analytics; XOPA ROOM which screens more candidates in lesser time using end-to-end Virtual Interview and Assessments Platform-Powered by AI; AI for Academia and AI SaaS platform to select students efficiently and effectively at scale; and AI as a Service, providing custom AI modelling for talent solutions.

The partnership will allow customers to save significant time and cost of hiring while maintaining objectivity in hiring. Key areas of benefit include sourcing profiles from open-sourced platforms; adding sourced profiles to the pipeline; using machine learning to understand user preferences and recommend better profiles over time; mass screening and hiring Talent Pool Management.

Nina Alag Suri, CEO of X0PA said, “Voyager Solutions have a 25 year heritage in transforming back office functions, including HR and Talent. They have a deep insight into how the organisation, jobs and roles work within Talent, and importantly, how to make the people changes required to implement X0PA.

By partnering with X0PA, Voyager Solutions will be able to provide their customers with a real focus on better hiring outcomes for the organisation in terms of matching not just for the job role but also for the company persona; a focus on skill based hiring without bias and to improve efficiencies by eliminating process waste from the hiring process. Always staying ahead of the market, X0PA recently launched its integration with Chatgpt to further enhance the experience to its users.

Paul Taplin, Consulting Director, Voyager Solutions, said, “We are delighted to partner with an organisation that is able to offer best practice solutions across the Talent field. X0PA truly delivers AI capability at a practical level which can significantly transform the Recruitment function and eliminate bias.

Many of our customers use Enterprise products such as Workday and Success Factors, and X0PA can provide complimentary functionality if a customer does not need the whole suite.

For many years we have focused on capability development, open knowledge, and a passion to develop employee, contractor and customer talent. Through the product and services, we can support the rapid deployment of X0PA technologies to our complex global / FTSE and Mid-Market customer base.”

About Voyager Solutions

Voyager Solutions were established in 1998 to provide organisational alignment and implementation services to technology, outsourcing and back office operating model projects. We have supported programmes ranging from single site to 100+ country roll-outs across 50+ major complex global clients and an equal number of Mid-Market clients. We provide an end to end business change solution from organizational strategy through to delivery of engagement, organizational alignment, job and role changes and implementation management.

About X0PA

X0PA AI was founded in 2017 by Nina Alag Suri and Co-Founder Dr Jussi Keppo. Previously, Nina was the Founder and CEO of a global executive search firm, Nastrac Group and it was through this venture that she realized the inefficiencies and subjectivity of traditional hiring processes and thus decided to disrupt her own business and pivot to an AI and ML SaaS-based platform with X0PA AI. X0PA is headquartered in Singapore and has offices across APAC, India, UK, UAE and partners across the globe.

Our mission is to maximize objectivity in hiring so that organizations can make accurate hiring decisions and candidates feel assured about the results. Our vision is a world where hiring is seen as a science ensuring workplace happiness through objectivity, and best match between an employee and employer.

X0PA is an intelligent B2B platform that helps in streamlining hiring & selections. From sourcing, screening, interviewing and offering, XOPA does it all. We are a global leader in AI Recruitment solutions for Enterprise; Public sector; Startups & SMEs; Staffing Agencies & RPOs and Universities and are unique having been accredited by some of the leading organisations around AI.

Our products integrate with numerous platforms including Greenhouse; Success Factors; Workday; Microsoft Dynamics 365; Taleo; CV-Library. Job Portal integration includes Linked-In; GitHub; Monster; Nakuri.com and Glassdoor

For more information about Voyager Solutions, please visit www.voyagersolutions.com

More information on X0PA can be found here https://X0PA.com/

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